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Carol is a contributing to author for the First Place devotional book, Living Well, just released by Regal. The book features eleven of her devotional stories. Order your copy today!


Carol is a contributor to Today is the First Day . . . devotional from Regal/Gospel Light Publications.

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Read Carol's story,
"My Two Moms,"
featured in Zondervan's new book, Kisses of Sunshine for Moms

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Carol's first novel!

The first book in the Defender of Our Souls series, Slaying the Shadows (available through Virginia Pines Press), is an intriguing and thought provoking saga of good vs. evil, played out in the picturesque Oregon town - Cherry Creek. Here, murder, lies, and the occult have traumatized this previously tranquil community. Henry, a mysterious stranger, has purchased and is occupying a large piece of property on the outskirts of town. Soon, an archeological dig site is developed and an ancient parchment discovered. Steadily, the town's formerly conservative inhabitants are drawn into the ever-increasing web of deceit and unthinkable horror. Blinded by the promise of power and wealth people begin to behave in disturbing ways, murderous ways, deviant ways. A brood of sinister, demonic creatures is prodding and pulling the townsfolk forward…toward their demise.

The former pastor has been murdered; his wife is kidnapped, and his daughter is being targeted for destruction in a three-phase plan to culminate in a sacrifice meant to give heretofore unheard-of power to the cult's leaders.

While the new town pastor Ted Lions and his congregation join forces to place their trust in God, the tentacles of evil continue to slither closer, seeking to discourage, deceive, and devour. The Christians soon discover that spiritual warfare will leave battle scars.

Slaying the Shadows was number 3 on the Top 25 list at Bookwire.com.

Stay informed! Carol is working on Book 2 in her Defender of Our Souls series, Conquering the Chaos.

Read an excerpt from Slaying the Shadows . . .

Lily sprinted away; leaves and foliage crunched beneath her feet. The beast was gaining on her. She could hear its ragged breathing behind her as the gap between them closed. Her feet flew down the overgrown path; she lifted the lacy skirt of her long, white gown as she dashed in and out of the trees. Her eyes watered as her bare foot alighted on something sharp. Crack! The branch beneath her foot broke. She didn't dare cry out. The gargantuan was crashing through the brush behind her, seemingly undaunted by her swiftness. Read More.

What others are saying about Slaying the Shadows

Read this Review of Slaying the Shadows from ReviewScout.com.

The website, Christian Women Today, has named Slaying the Shadows one of their 25 favorite summer reads! Check out the article at www.christianwomentoday.com.

Jonna and Steve Donais, Owners of Still Waters Christian Book Store in
Gresham, have both read the book, and give it a double stamp of approval. Steve
said, "If you're looking for a Frank Peretti type of spiritual warfare
thriller, you will thoroughly enjoy reading Slaying the Shadows. We did."

"The spiritual thriller, Slaying the Shadows, takes to reader on an
emotional thrill ride, as Carol combines experiences from her own past, biblical
truths, and an incredible creative flare, into a perfect literary recipe," says
Carey Johnson a "Shadows" reader, who has also attended several of Carol's
speaking engagements, and study groups.

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Read Carol's blog at princesswarrior.bravejournal.com

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Carol will be featured in Easthill Foursquare's new magazine--Connections. Watch for her column on the amazing healing and restorative power of Jesus Christ.

Carol has a new article featured in At the Center Magazine. Contact your local Crisis Pregnancy Center for details, or a copy of this publication.

Where you can buy Carol's book . . .

Agape Christian Book Store in Portland, Oregon 1711 SE Hawthorne Blvd

Still Waters Bookstore and Cafe, Main Street, Downtown Gresham, OR

Rich Blessings Christian Bookstore, Eastwood Mall, Niles, OH

Rainbow West East in Gresham, OR.
2141 East Burnside St., Gresham, OR 97030

Special order (if not available) with Barnes & Noble, or Borders bookstore (any location can order it).

Bookwire.com | Amazon.com | Borders.com | BarnesandNoble.com

Or contact the publisher (Virginia Pines Press) or Carol (carol@carolvanatta.com)

More stores will be added in the future.

Carol also has a self-published Bible study devotional
book being used at East Hill for Women's Bible studies, titled Falling in Love
with the Father.
Cost is $4.99 plus $2.00 shipping and handling. Contact Carol at carol_vanatta(at)yahoo.com.


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